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Logo Story

The logo is based on a traditional Celtic green man because the green man is known as a spirit and symbol of all forests. He is Nature.
- The face is an actual representation of my face; my nose, eyes, chin, stubble
- The leaves, acorns and twigs represent the mighty Oak
- My primary spirit animal guide is the fox represented by the tail coiled along my neck
- Two of my spirit animal guides are the tree frog (on right) and the goldfinch (on left)
- The "horns" are the fruit of the staghorn sumac tree, a native tree to PA and important to much wildlife.
- The blue object on my forehead is a Lapis Lazuli stone. Which holds important symbolism to me, but also a universal symbol of wisdom and truth
- And tucked into my "crown" is the very tip of the Awen symbol and connects me deeply with my Celtic/Welsh heritage. The three rays represent our journey with the Earth, Sea, and Sky.

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