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What if I like to hike fast or take lots of photos?

A Mindful Outdoor Experience is not really intended to be a fast paced hike from a starting point to a specific destination. Although each MOE is roughly planned out for timing purposes, the intention is to for each of us to accept in our own individual way what Nature provides and move along our path at a light to medium pace.

A MOE is not really intended to be a nature hike where we will be stopping and identifying every bit of the flora and fauna we pass. Although this may happen organically during the experience.

A MOE is not really intended to be a nature photo shoot. Although Nature often provides wonderful visual experiences, this experience is meant to connect us with the natural world through our senses. Not through the lens of a camera.

A MOE is not really intended to be a "chatty" time. If you are wanting to catch up with your friend about the latest stories in your life, save it for after the event. Or get a coffee beforehand. We will have discussions during a MOE. You will be invited to talk about what you are feeling, noticing and sensing. But generally we will be moving through nature in what we call "Social Silence" or "Noble Silence". We want everyone to have the opportunity to quiet their minds and bodies. We want to settle into ourselves and our surroundings so nature has the opportunity to show itself to us. 

We here at ChuckWalks love and enjoy these various ways of getting outside mentioned above. They just generally don't allow for us to really connect in a way that honors the intentions of slowing down, focusing on your senses, using your eyes, ears, and your entire self to connect with Nature. 💚

What if I like to hike fast or take lots of photos?: Service
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