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What is a Mindful Outdoor Experience (MOE)?

ChuckWalks believes being outside in nature with the purpose of exploring and connecting with our senses is at the core of a MOE. Think of it as guided wandering with the general intention of noticing what our bodies experience based on what nature provides.

During our time together folks will be invited to engage in many of the following practices: gentle movement, guided breathing, sensory activities, mindful walking, nature meditation, group share.

Additional options that can be added to a MOE include; flint & steel fire birthing ceremony, nature mandala creation, tea ceremony, yoga, and others. Just ask for details.

A MOE is generally a group activity (almost any amount of participants can be accommodated), with time spent both interacting with each other and experiencing nature on a personal level. If a one-on-one MOE is of interest, please contact us.

Each MOE is different because it will be in different natural locations, in varieties of weather, and in all seasons.

The distance to be covered, the terrain, the general expected conditions, and the time allotted of each MOE will be clearly spelled out in each individual Experience description.


The average time spent at each MOE is about 2 hours. It can happen in an hour, too. Or, we could spend an entire day engaging with each other and our surroundings. 

The distance we will cover is generally gauged at about 2 miles, but can be as little as spending our entire time in one field or along one stretch of stream or woodland, exploring every little nook and cranny.

Typically a light to medium walking pace is required over flat to sometimes uneven terrain. Experiences and terrain will vary and can be customized upon request with advance notice, specifically for those with mobility constraints.

There is typically a fee to participate in a MOE. The fee will vary depending on the length of the MOE and the location. This is to help cover our preparation time and professional expenses. We value our time. We train regularly. Sometimes the location where we will be exploring requires a fee for group use. Occasionally, if the MOE is planned through a municipality or donor group, there will be no charge to you the participant. ​


ChuckWalks carries Liability Insurance and requires each participant to read and sign an Event Participant Waiver prior to your participation in each event.

What is a Mindful Outdoor Experience (MOE)?: Services
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