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What should I bring?

Be Prepared! 💚

Here is a partial list of items to consider...


  • sturdy shoes/sneakers or boots (flip flops or fashion sandals/sneakers may create issues). No bare feet (however we may remove our footwear at certain points).

  • socks (wool/wool blend or synthetic material preferred)

  • hat

  • sunglasses

  • layered clothing (all cotton clothing is typically not appropriate for rain or cold)

  • sturdy pants or shorts

  • long sleeve/short sleeve shirt

  • jacket (waterproof may be helpful)

  • fleece

  • change of clothes in your car in case you get wet or muddy


  • water and maybe a small snack

  • small sturdy backpack

  • journal for capturing your thoughts

  • bug spray/tick repellent

  • medications/epi-pen

  • We will be sitting. If you prefer to not sit on the ground, bring whatever you find comfortable to sit on (like a foam pad, small blanket or small camp chair). Remember you will have to carry whatever you bring. 

What should I bring?: Service
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