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What should I expect?

Remember, this is an ALL OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE. 💚

Experiences will be held rain or shine, so be prepared. For the safety of all guests and your guides, a MOE may be postponed and rescheduled in the event of thunderstorms, high winds, hail, or other extreme weather events. Possibly with short notice. Should an event be postponed no refunds will be provided. However, a credit will be made available toward a future event.

Although each event has the same overall framework, each location is going to be different. The weather will vary. The terrain will vary. The length of the MOE may vary. There might be paved trails, muddy paths, stones, and dirt. There might be bugs and other critters typically found in nature.

A MOE will almost always involve a combination of standing, walking and sitting. Sometimes standing for a few minutes. Sometimes sitting for 20 minutes. Sometimes walking for 30 minutes at a time. There will be breaks. The experience is intended to unfold at a slow to medium pace. Public restrooms may not always be available.

Everyone* is invited to consider a Mindful Outdoor Experience with ChuckWalks. ChuckWalks can try to make certain accommodations for you if you notify us in advance. YOU have to decide if this type of experience is right for you based on the descriptions provided for each individual event and on this site.

* There are two caveats to saying "everyone is invited": children under 13 and dogs/pets.

Unless specified, MOEs are typically open to folks 13 years of age and up. Those between the ages of 13 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult. There will be MOEs scheduled specifically for children under 13 (and their parent(s)/guardians). Look at our scheduled events found in our WalkBlog.

There is also a no dog/pet policy (service dogs are allowed). There will be MOEs scheduled specifically for dogs/pets and their owners.

Here's why. Although some children under the age of 13 and some dogs/pets may be better at mindfulness than some adults, their needs are often different. It was a choice to focus on a more "adult" age group and on dog free events. An additional complication with dogs/pets in particular is some folks have a significant fear of dogs, and other folks are severely allergic.

If you are really looking for a child or dog inclusive experience, please contact us for potential dates or contract with us to create an event for you.

This was not an easy decision and much thought was put into this. ChuckWalks loves 💚 children and dogs/pets. We hope you understand.

What should I expect?: Service
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