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Support in Nature (a Mindful Outdoor Experience - ADDRESS IN DETAILS)

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Saturday, February 19, 2022

1 pm to 4pm

Join us for our weekly gathering along the Monocacy Creek, while we investigate the ways Nature supports us and how we can support Nature 💚🌎 We will also explore the abandoned portions of the grounds around Archibald Johnston Mansion 🏚 Let's spend precious time with the more-than-human world & with each other as we gently saunter along on our adventures 💚

Are you willing to explore your senses and trust Nature to be your guide?

If so, join us. 💚

***Use this address:

3811 Christian Spring Rd

Bethlehem, PA 18020



This is a 3 hour event so we don't have to rush. We will be walking mostly on the trail 🧡 but will be wandering a bit too.

It is expected to be partly sunny with temperatures in the mid 40's and potentially windy. Perfect for spending time with Mother Nature 💚

We will be walking mostly on the trails 💙 but may wander a bit too. This route is listed as easy to moderate. Most areas are flat, or mild inclines. 2 to 3 miles, easy pace.

Please be prepared to walk on a natural dirt trail by wearing solid hiking boots or shoes. 🥾🥾 Hiking poles might be helpful, especially if we have mud, ice or snow ❄️ still on the ground.

Dress warmly for the winter temperatures and in layers. No judgement if you want to use hand and foot warmers 😊

Our time will be spent pausing & connecting with Nature and practicing proven ways to settle in, get centered & grounded, and help alleviate some of our stresses and anxieties by learning to become more present. More Mindful.

This adventure may also include:

Waking up and warming up our bodies.

Exploring the intimate nooks and crannies of some of the less traveled areas.

Spending some time with a special tree.

Maybe finding an off trail hiding place to settle in and take in the views while we practice a seated meditation (sit spot)

Really connecting with our senses and spend time with Nature.

Ending with "council practice" where we will reconnect and share our Experiences with each other.

Bring your favorite blanket to cloak yourself in and/or bring a small towel or pad for sitting for our sit spot meditation (20 minutes). 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ You may also choose to stand.

Restrooms may or may not be open. Please plan accordingly. 🚻

REMEMBER: This is a rain 🌧 or shine 🌞 event (only canceled if dangerous weather is expected) so please dress appropriately and in layers so you are comfortable for this 3 hour outdoor adventure. If rain (or snow) is expected, please wear waterproof or other appropriate clothing as this event is entirely OUTDOORS.

This is a free event, however DONATIONS (suggested $20. Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle) are appreciated and should be based on how valuable you find your experience to be as you invest in your personal wellness journey.



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